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Congratulations! This is the greatest decision of your life!

We believe that this life-changing decision will truly transform your life as you grow deeper in your relationship with God and His son Jesus. We have put some things together to help begin you on this journey of knowing Christ. We would love for you to fill out the form below so we can get in contact with you and help you along this exciting journey you've just started!

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What do I do Next?

Get in Touch

Life shouldn't be done alone. One of our pastors would love to talk to you about how we can help you on this journey of knowing Jesus.

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Get a Bible

There are many great bibles out there that are perfect for new believers. Translations like NLT and NIV are easy to read and understand whilst paraphrased versions like MSG or TPT bring more modern language to ancient truth.

Start a Plan

We recommend that you start a bible reading plan to help you get to know Jesus. Here's a great option to get you started

The Bible Project
Get Connected

We have many great Connect Groups that meet all over Adelaide every week. These groups are a great way to do life alongside other believers.

FInd a Group
Starting Point

Starting Point is about helping people move forward. It’s designed to help you connect with others and equip you to lead a purpose filled life.

Register for Starting Point
Get Baptised

Baptism simply means to 'dip under water'. It is the outward declaration of an inward decision and a symbol of a burial and resurrection.

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