We don’t believe life should be done alone.

Building authentic friendships

Whatever age and stage you are, there's a Group with people like you.

Groups are the backbone of church life, making sure that big services on a Sunday are always paired with authentic connection throughout the week. With hundreds of Groups meeting across the city and online, we know you'll find one you love.

What is a Group?

Groups create a space for people to intentionally share their lives with others, grow spiritually together, and encourage each other through the highs and lows of life. A Group Leader determines how often their group meets and what the focus of the group is. Groups gather in homes, coffee shops, and other places where people love to connect—including online.

What do you do in a Group?

Every Group is unique. Some discuss the weekend message or do a Bible Study together, some serve together in the community, and some play board games or paddleboard once a month. Two things you’ll find in every Group, though, are relationships and conversations that help people grow in their faith.

Want To Get Connected?

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Want To Get Connected?