Feed a family for $40

2023 Packing Day: Saturday 2nd December

Christmas Box is a Way to Feed Aussies at Christmas

For every $40 donated, we feed a family in need at Christmas! Check out last year's packing day via the video below.

Clestina's Story

"Getting a box like that and seeing your kids open it, and even myself, I get excited because we don't really get many gifts...my kids come home and they just love it!"

Clestina, Christmas Box recipient

What's in a Christmas Box?​

Christmas Box is a food box that caters to a family of 4-6, helping supplement breakfast, lunch and dinner meals over a week.

Clestina sums it up; "Some people may think it's just a box of goodies but for a family like mine. it's such a treat...an amazing thing to do just before Christmas"

How Christmas Box Works...​


You donate an amount of your choice


Christmas Box and our sponsors more than double your donation to an approximate value of $75


Volunteers pack the food into Christmas Boxes – check out this video from last year’s Packing Day!


Community and Government organisations distribute Christmas Boxes to families in need