What is Starting Point?

Starting Point has been designed to guide you on your journey as you discover what it means to know Jesus and live the abundant life He has for you. Starting Point is not a course to fill your mind with more information, instead it’s about re-formation – the reforming of our heart’s desires and our beliefs, because what we love in life defines us. This journey of discovering our purpose and mission in life is not just taught but also caught, that is why we have set aside the last Tuesday night of every month to help us take our next steps towards a preferred future.

Through our time together, we will see how important it is to establish new habits and practices in our lives to reform what we love. You will soon discover that it’s not just about the things we do, but the things that these new habits and practices do to us. Discipleship is about being formed into the image that God originally intended for mankind. It is about discovering God’s purpose for our lives together, as we partner with heaven, to bring God’s Kingdom to earth and it’s as simple as One…Two…Three!

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